Ossett, West Yorkshire. November 24th to 26th

A weekend 'konvention' of Mantic games from the Northern Kings.

One ticket gives you access to a whole weekend of Mantic gaming goodness.

The Northern Kings invite you to join them up in t'north for a full weekend of dice rolling and social antics.

A weekend event, held over two and a half days (24th to 26th November 2023) at The Ossett War Memorial Community Centre, Wakefield.

More details to follow, but early registration is now open. Tickets are priced at £55.00, include a proper lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

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Armada miniatures
Firefight miniaturesPlayers at a Northern Kings event

Event information

Across the weekend participants will have the opportunity to take part in:


  • Kings of War Ambush - 4:30pm to 9pm, 800pts, 4 games
  • Firefight - 4.30pm to 9pm, 500pts, 4 games


  • Kings of War singles - 9am to 6pm, 2300pts, 3 games
  • Firefight - 9am to 6pm, 1500pts, 3 games
  • Firefight "Big Tank Bash" - 7.30pm to 10pm, Participation Game


  • Kings of War doubles - 9am to 6pm, 2000pts, 3 games
  • Deadzone - 9am to 6pm, Details tbc
  • Armada - 9am to 6pm, Details tbc
View all the event packs for full details on each event
Firefight army

A note on tickets…

For the first time at a Northern Kings event we're expanding to also hold games on the Friday afternoon.

We fully understand that due to work, school and other commitments not everyone will be able to attend the games on the Friday, but we wanted to maximise the chances to play awesome Mantic games for those who are able to make it.

If you can't make it, please don't worry. Missing the games on Friday will in no way impact your experience of the rest of the weekend. What's more we're not charging any more money for the extra half day of games. That means if you can't make it, you're not paying for something you can't use. Think of it more like the people who can make are getting an extra freebie!

We've made the decision that, to start with, we will not be selling tickets for the individual events and the only way to attend is to buy a ticket for the whole weekend. We've done this as much as anything to protect ourselves. Hiring out the venue for the whole weekend is costly and we need to make sure we can cover our costs.

By only selling weekend tickets it helps us make sure that we have enough money to cover the entire weekend. If you and friend wanted to band together to share a ticket across the weekend, with one of you attending one day and the other the day after that's 100% fine with us. But we'll leave that up to you to arrange.

Kings of War illustration

Venue and Directions

The event will be held at The Ossett War Memorial Community Centre. There is a well-stocked bar which will be open throughout the event.

Venue address

Ossett War Memorial Community Centre
Prospect Rd
Ossett, WF5 8AN


The venue has on-site parking to the rear (follow the sign on entry).


Ossett is a little market town within the City of Wakefield, West Yorkshire. There are multiple boutique hotels within walking distance but also more standard hotels only a three to four minute drive from the venue.

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